Major Features:

Operation facility for deafness.

Treatment for allergic rhinitis.

Endoscopic foreign body removal from Ear, Nose & Throat.

All type of Head & Neck Cancer Surgeries.

Cancer surgery of vocal cord with voice protection.

Surgeries of neck tumors.

Surgeries of cleft lip & palate

Speech therapy

Cohealer implant & rehabilitation

All type of hearing aids

Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery.(FESS)

A complete neuro-otology section.


Major OT Equipments

CO2 laser

Three CARL-ZEISS Operating Microscopes (Germany)

Micro Laryngeal Surgical equipments (KARL_STORZ, Germany)

Fiber optic Flexible Bronchoscope (Olympus, Japan)

Radio frequency cauterization (Eliman, USA)

Pulse Oximeters & Monitors (L & T)

Diagnostic & operating Endoscopes 0, 30, 45,70, 90 degree(Karl Storz Germany)

Ventilators & Jet-Ventilation, Fast Track LMA (MAX, Baroda)

Defibrillator (BPL)

400 watts Digital Underwater cutting Cautery (L & T)

Micro drill (Kavo, Japan)

Four Operating tables with Boyles Anesthesia machines (ME)

Micro Dibridder (XOMED) for functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Head cam System

Coblator System



24 hours medical store

Aqua guard cooled water

Centralized Computer Billing system

Automatic Generator/UPS

STD/PCO facilities

Ac / Non- Ac Rooms / General Wards