Ear Surgery:

Myringotomy (placement of ear tubes)

Repair of ear drum perforation and Mastoid Diseases (Microscopic Ear Surgeries / Tympanoplsty)

Reconstruction of middle ear ossicles (Stapes / Piston / Mastoid Surgery)

Ear lobule repair / Ear Piercing with medical gun. HBZSEL28

Nose and Sinus Surgery:

Control of epistaxis (severe nose bleed)

Repair of nasal fractures

Septoplasty to straighten deviated septum (DNS)

Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty

Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery to treat chronic sinus infection or remove polyps (FESS)

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Video Endoscopy / Sinuscopy

Foreign Body Removal like rubber, thermocol balls, pea nuts, pins

Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose and Face

Throat / Larynx Surgery:

Tonsillectomy / adenoidectomy

Uvuloplatopharyngoplasty (surgical treatment for sleep apnea)

Surgical treatment for snoring (Laser Surgery)

Removal of vocal cord lesions (Microlaryngeal Surgeries)

Vocal cord medialization (treatment for paralyzed vocal cord)

Oesophagoscopy / Bronchoscopy

Thyroid Surgery

Tonsil & Adenoid operations